Young Adult Service Program

The Young Adult Service Program (YASP) connects Asian-American high school and college students with summer internships at various community organizations and the offices of local elected officials throughout New York City. Through this program, we have been providing Asian American youth with opportunities to serve their local community and to learn the importance of service since 2001.

Dr. Lee Hoon Scholarship

Established in 2020, the Dr. Lee Hoon Scholarship awards college scholarships to outstanding Korean American high school seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership in their communities. This year, we will be awarding scholarships of $3,000 to four students entering a four-year college or university in the fall to support their first-year tuition payments.

SAT Test Preparation

Every summer, we offer an affordable SAT test preparation program in partnership with Awaken Education, an educational service company serving the wider New York/New Jersey area. Need-based financial aid is provided to students who have demonstrated academic excellence.