During FY 2018…

102,150 well-balanced congregate breakfast and lunch meals were served to seniors on a daily basis
10,503 seniors participated in health management, physical exercise, and nutrition education
1,238 seniors received culturally and linguistically appropriate case assistance as they applied for public benefits and other services
575 in-home telephone correspondences and in-home friendly visiting services were made to home-bound seniors in an effort to reduce social isolation, provide comfort, and promote physical and mental well-being
1,369 education sessions on arts, technology and other ed/rec were provided
959 seniors received information or referrals from KCS to partner agencies for further assistance
2,584 seniors with mobile difficulties were provided with transportation to and from the center
1,522 weekend take-home meals were provided

For more information, please contact Helen Ahn, Director of Senior Centers at kahn@www.artrix.website or 718-651-9220/718-886-8220.Monday through Friday during business hours, 9AM to 5PM.