Women’s Health


KCS Division of Women’s Health aspires to eliminate the health disparities among Korean and other minority Asian immigrant women by offering culturally competent patient navigation services. Since the start of the project in 2007, the Women’s Health has been providing no-cost mammography screening, Clinical Breast Exam (CBE), and referrals for un-/underserved immigrant women to the cervical and colorectal cancer screenings. KCS is only Korean Community-Based Organization (CBO) that operates the on-site mobile breast cancer screening every month throughout NYC 5 boroughs. Additionally, we actively conduct a small educational workshop relating to women’s health issues. The service promotes cancer preventive care and screening by increasing awareness of breast cancer and addressing language and cultural barriers.






No-cost mammogram screening eligibility:      

  •         NYC resident women
  •         Women aged 50 or older with no insurance
  •         Women who have not received a free mammogram in the past year
  •         Undocumented and refugee status women
  •         Women between 40-49 who are at high risk of breast cancer
  •         No pregnant or breastfeeding women will receive a mammogram




For more information contact KCS women’s health team at (212)463-9685 X205