1 in 3 Korean American women has high blood pressure and 2 in 5 Korean men have hypertension!

Hypertension is the most common health issue among Korean immigrants. Recognizing the prevalence of hypertension, we have been working with three Korean churches, three grocery markets, and clinical partners to educate about the importance of eating less salty and regularly measuring blood pressure.

Wrapping up 4th year, KCS RF Team has proactively tried to work on nutrition activities for  younger age groups since we found through outreach efforts that many younger Koreans are not aware of their number of  high blood pressure. Accordingly, in celebration of Heart Awareness Month in February, we hosted educational events at Korean supermarket and Korean Language School by inviting pharmacist and internist, demonstrating healthy food menus with less salts, nutrition lecture,  storytelling, hands-on cooking contest, and skit.

Another strategy is to promote community-based blood pressure screening events on a regular basis. For the past years, we supported five churches to introduce NYC Keep On Track Program under their congregation. The churches hold monthly events on Sundays to monitor their members’ blood pressure and provide one on one counseling.