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More than half of the uninsured adults in New York State belong to racial and ethnic minority group. Among the groups, 23% of the adult Asian population, 21% of the adult African American population and 31% of Latino adults in NYS are uninsured, compared to only 13% of the state’s adult white population. Additionally, immigrants and three times more likely to be uninsured than those born in the United States. Consequently, 22% of NYS residents are reported not receiving or postponing necessary medical care or prescriptions due to a lack of money or insurance

To address these gaps, the New York State Department of Health runs the Facilitated Enrollment Program (FEP). The FEP includes application assistance and eligibility screening for children and adults seeking health insurance through New York state public health insurance programs such as Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus and Medicaid. KCS has received funding to extend this program in the Korean American community because of the unique relationship it has with this underserved group. Over the past ten years, KCS has done much to help many in the Korean American community become insured.

  • Child Health Plus(CHP) is free or low cost program for children under 19 including undocumented children. Family Health Plus(FHP) is for adults 19 to 64 with income or resources too high for Medicaid. FHP is available to single adults, couples without children and parents who are residents in NYS with documented immigration status. Medicaid is eligible for people who have low income and resource below 100 of Federal Poverty Levels. In eligibility screening, immigration status with residency, income and family size are main factors to be qualified for individual or family. The documents needed are proof of age and immigration status, proof of residency and proof of income.

    Enrollment specialists in KCS meet with individuals and families to complete the application process which involves in eligibility screening, gathering needed documents, and submitting the application to State Lead Agency with hands on case works.

    Once qualified for the program through the enrollment process, people would be enrolled in a Health Plan they choose and receive Medical Services provided by NYS.

    In order to apply NYS Public Health Insurance Program, people visit local government social service where language barriers and cultural difficulties occur for most of immigrants feel uncomfortable. However, KCS FE program provides culturally friendly environment making people easily access to the Public Health Insurance Program without going through a local government or Health Plan. In addition people have a choice of selecting health plan they want to participate in. Medical benefits provided by CHP, FHP and Medicaid are comprehensive coverage including well-child care, physical exams, diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, X-ray and lab tests, emergency care, dental care, inpatient hospital care, prescriptions and more.

    Every month KCS FE program processes more than 60 cases with either new or renewal applications and handles huge volume of phone call inquires and follow ups.

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