Liver Health – Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Screening and Linkage to Care


100,000 people living in New York City are infected with Hepatitis B, particularly among immigrants from Asia and Africa show higher rate of Hepatitis B infection than other groups.

Those people with chronic Hepatitis B often times face cultural and linguistic barriers to be linked with care like ineligibility to health insurance and high cost of care.

Recognizing Hepatitis B prevalence and barriers accessing linkage to care among Korean community as well as other Asian communities, Liver Health Team has been providing Hepatitis B Screening at faith based organizations on a regular basis and supporting uninsured or underinsured patients with chronic Hepatitis B infection through patient navigation program.

The main goal of our patient navigation program is to help underserved patients with chronic Hepatitis B infection to be linked with care and to get proper treatment if needed.

Also, Liver Health team offers free Hepatitis B vaccination to people who are not insured or underinsured by monthly at a faith based organization.