Hepatitis B – ‘Check Hep B’ Initiative

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Korean Americans and recent immigrants are at a higher risk of being infected with Hepatitis B and/or chronic liver disease compared to the general US population. Recognizing the health issue, KCS has been actively engaged in the NYC HEP B FREE COALITION  to fight against hepatitis B infection among Korean New Yorkers since 2009.

Since 2015, NYC Councilmen initiated Patient Navigation Program for Hepatitis B and C program for population at risk; KCS has been awarded as a grantee to better support those at risk, KCS’ culturally competent patient navigators assist patients in free medical assessment and treatment with professional hepatologists or gastroenterologists.

These doctors examine patients through advanced testing (DNA viral load test and other liver function test) to diagnose individuals and designate proper medication and treatments.

For those patients who are linguistically and culturally limited in accessing or understanding the US health care system, PHRC provides bilingual and culturally sensitive services that will enable these individuals to receive proper treatment care and services.

From 2015 to 2016, we had around 40 screening events and have screened over 800 people within the Korean American community. We’ve found 30 new patients, some of whom that were never aware of their current health status and the severity of the disease.

Currently, we have more than 50 patients enrolled to our program and their ages range from 24- 75 years of age. Among those that we are assisting, 70% of the clients are uninsured and we manage to enable these individuals to receive the proper treatment care and service alongside those that are eligible for government aid or insurance.

Since FY 2014, PHRC will continue to take care of patients to stay healthy and active in their lives. PHRC Check Hep B Care’s team will host virus screening events at convenient, easily accessible sites in all 5 boroughs such as community churches, temples, and partner organizations.

If you have any questions or want further information, please call or text the Check Hep B, Patient Navigator by cell phone at 718-791-2197 or by phone at 212-463-9685 (Ext. 202) by email at kcshealth@gmail.com or skim@kcsny.org

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