KCS Flushing Neighborhood Senior Center

Lunchtime at the Flushing senior center

In September 2002, KCS opened a new senior center in Flushing just a few blocks away from the main office.

During FY 2014…

  • 76,394 well-balanced meals were served to seniors on a daily basis
  • 9,136 seniors participated in educational or recreational activities
  • 1,309 seniors received culturally and linguistically appropriate case asistance for seniors applying for public benefits and other services
  • 455 seniors received check-ups
  • 1,371 seniors received information or referrals from KCS to partner agencies for further assistance
  • 1,009 disabled seniors were provided with transportation to and from the center
  • 740 friend visits or telephone calls were made to homebound seniors in an effort to reduce isolation, provide comfort, and promote safety and health
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For more information

  • Call (718) 886-8203 Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Email silver@kcsny.org (expect a reply the following morning)