Women’s Health

Breast and Cervical Cancer

The PHRC Division of Women’s Health connects women to free or low-cost breast cancer (mammogram and clinical breast exam) and cervical cancer (Pap smear and HPV test) screenings in New York City through a partnership with the Queens Cancer Services Program and New York Presbyterian Hospital of Queens. No cost services are available to uninsured women who meet the following conditions for eligibility:

At least 50 years old

Do not have health insurance

Have not received a free mammogram in the past year

Do not need any proof of status

*Insured Patients are welcome! – Copay Waived*

Workshops and small group education are provided on a regular basis at various locations throughout NYC, particularly densely populated Korean communities as well as at health fairs, community centers, and churches. Ethnic media was utilized to reach Korean immigrant women who have never been or are rarely screened for breast cancer as well as those women who did not possess insurance. KCS staff also provide one on one breast cancer education by means of phone and face to face office appointments with the Women’s Health staff.

Educators are available to provide workshops in English and Korean; contact PHRC if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

For more information

  • Call (212) 463-9685 ext. 205 Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, to determine your eligibility for these screenings and schedule an appointment.
  • Fill out the form below; you will receive a reply within 2 business days.

In addition to Breast Cancer Screenings, KCS’ Division of Public Health KCS is also able to provide free colo-rectal cancer screenings for BOTH Men and Women aged over 50 residing in Queens.  Please call our office for more information. Men and women aged over 50 who have not received a FIT KIT (take home stool screening kit) in the last 10 years are eligible for free screenings.

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Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer

KCS staff connecting community members to resources about Hepatitis B.

KCS staff connecting community members to resources about Hepatitis B.

Korean Americans and recent immigrants are at a higher risk of Hepatitis B infection and chronic liver disease compared to the general U.S population. In order to better support those at risk of being diagnosed with Hepatitis B, PHRC provides free screenings, linkage care, and education seminars. As a member of the NYC Hepatitis B Coalition, PHRC has also participated in meetings/conferences, trainings, and community awareness events. During FY 2014, PHRC provided screenings to approximately 50 individuals, and referred clients who need vaccination/treatment to partnered community health centers.

KCS is creating a “One Stop Service Program” that will recruit Asian Americans from Korean restaurants, Taxi companies, the Fresh Produce Association, Korean and Chinese churches, and the seafood retailers’ association to attend community screening events that screen for Hepatitis B and other diseases while also connecting them with the social services that PHRC provides.

If you have any questions or want further information,  please contact KCS Public Health Program by phone at 212-463-9685 or by email at skim@kcsny.org.