Project Charge

PHRC is a member of Project CHARGE (Coalition of Health Access to Reach Greater Equity). Project CHARGE focuses on health care access issues that affect the underserved and uninsured members of our community. Formed in 2007, Project CHARGE is a health collaborative of 16 community partners that unite to address health access issues and equity for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in New York City.

KCS delivers information about the Korean community and advocates for resource allocation and program delivery that addresses the needs of that to the other groups in the coalition. Recently, KCS helped produce a brochure in Korean and English that provides valuable information to Koreans navigating the American healthcare system for the first time.

Partnership for a Healthier Queens

KCS is part of this initiative to create a healthier  New York City through focusing on healthy eating, active living, tobacco-free living, and reducing underage and excessive alcohol use. KCS has paid particular attention to healthy eating, working with community groups to adopt NYC Healthy Food Standards for Events and Meetings. During the most recent grant period, KCS secured commitments from 43 churches in Queens to adopt these standards for communal meals they serve.

NYC Hep B Coalition

9afa2868-dbcf-4ed3-9ec9-79fd99098247From 2009, we have been involved in the Coalition that consists of the Department of Health of NYC, community organizations, health care providers, academic entities, and others who are interested in Hepatitis B related diseases. In particular, from the year 2014, we became one of the grantees to implement the patient navigator program for chronic patients among Korean immigrants in the 5 boroughs of NYC. The Coalition members meet and discuss quarterly advanced strategies and researches or share program updates from each site. Click the image on the right for more information.

NYIC Collaborative


Representatives from KCS meet with policymakers in Albany.

Since 2001, KCS has been an active partner of the New York Immigration Coalition’s Health Care Access and Advocacy Collaborative. Through the collaborative, PHRC has promoted health access among the Korean community by conducting educational workshops, providing individual counseling, and referrals to its community members.

KCS sends a representative to collborative meetings and annually takes part in a trip to Albany, NY, to speak with elected officials to address the educational and health needs of minors and increasing/restoring funding for immigrant services such as Community Health Advocate funds, which help Koreans Americans obtain public health insurance, information about hospital billing practices, and more.

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