Adult Literacy

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Language barriers are a major issue in the immigrant community. More than one million New Yorkers have limited English proficiency, which represents 28% of the foreign-born population of New York State. KCS seeks to alleviate this barrier by offering adult literacy courses. In addition to literacy, students also learn job readiness and basic computer skills.

For this current FY’19, KCS offers 13  ESOL classes and 2 citizenship classes that currently serves over 50total students. About 2,800 instructional hours will be completed by students through three city and state-funded contracts.

As the needs of the community grow, KCS will continue to develop innovative programs to serve the ELL (English Language Learners) population so that they can become more independent and self-sufficient members of our community.

Students take a diagnostic test to evaluate their English proficiency skills and are placed in the appropriate class–beginning, intermediate, advanced, or highly advanced–based on the results of that test. Classes are offered morning, afternoon, and evening to best accommodate our students’ schedules.

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ESOL Adult Literacy Programs are currently supported by:
1. NYC – DYCD – Immigration Services
2. NYC – DYCD – City Council Discretionary
Below is the current schedule for the ESOL classes that are being offered at KCS: